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Kit "31th October" by Cali Design

The holiday "Halloween" has the Celtic origin and means "eve of Day of all sacred". This day people change clothes in suits of witches, devils and other monsters, and in a window expose a pumpkin with the cut out eyes and a mouth and a candle inside to frighten off spirits. Halloween attributes entirely jazychesko-devilish: night time, bats, cats, spiders, помело, skeletons, evil ghosts, vampires, ghosts, goblins, terrifying stories as memoirs on affairs of evil ghosts. Indispensable attribute of a Halloween - a ceremony "Trick or treat" ("the Dirty trick or a gift").Вот about this holiday a set from Cali Design.
This kit contains 18 papers (3600*3600, 300 dpi) and 141 elements (png, 300 dpi)
Kit is available here:

31th October Free Add On by Cali Design
This kit contains 3 papers (3600*3600, 300 dpi) and 10 elements (png, 300 dpi)
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