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Kit "I Live in a Comic Life" by CaliDesign

In the modern world comics play a huge role in show business, formation and even science. These are huge corporations with mullions-strong turns. Today comics are not only books and magazines, these are thematic parks of entertainments and improbably popular films, and as the computer games which heroes are widely known and in our country, despite almost absent culture of a comic book, as that.
One of heroes of comics the Spider-Man.

The Spiderman (Spider-Man) - the super-hero of comics, the character of company Marvel Whether created by writer Stenom (Stan Lee) and artist Steve Ditko (Steve Ditko).For the first time the Spiderman has appeared in comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 published in August, 1962 and since then became one of the most well-known, demanded and commercially successful super-heroes all over the world.
In style of comics of Cali has let out new kit "I Live in a Comic Life"
Kit is available here:

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